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Low Boost

Level 1


This basic Level 1 class is the place to start. Learn the basic techniques of bungee fitness from balance, squats, jumps, & burpees. Take this class as often as needed until you feel comfortable enough to move up to the next level. this class will still get the heart rate up, all while having fun. 

Body Boost

This class is for anyone who has taken Level 1 and is looking to add more strength training to their bungee class. You will be in and out of the bungees using light dumbbells and resistance bands for a full body workout.

Mid Boost

Level 2

This class is for those who have graduated from our basic Level 1 class. If you can burpee with ease, and plunge it down without problems, our Mid Boost class is the next step up. 

Mid Boost increases skillsets and cardio for those ready to take on more difficult routines. Build on your basics and learn more advanced skills that will challenge you. 

Tabata Boost 

Tabata Boost is a high intensity 30 minute workout. This workout uses 20 seconds of strenuous exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest for a total of 8 rounds with 1 minute of rest between each round. Get ready to SWEAT!

High Boost

Level 3

In Level 3 we are boosting it up a notch! You are ready for this class if you have MASTERED the Fly Spring, Needle, Superman, Push Flies, & a Switch. If you are unsure of these skills, you are not ready for this class. We suggest taking Level 2 six-ten times before advancing to Level 3. This is to help avoid injury. In this class we are in fat-burning mode for the entire workout. 

** Do to harness safety regulations, participants must be 13 years old, ages 13-17 years old requires parent waiver. You must be a minimum of 90 pounds and maximum of 250 pounds. No recent surgeries within the past 6 months, no major health concerns and cannot be pregnant.**

To ensure the best experience in our bungees ladies should wear leggings & hair up. The harness may rub on your stomach area so we suggest high-waisted pants or a longer shirt. Men, we suggest wearing knee-length shorts or long pants. We do offer foam padding for legs and stomach area for optimal comfort. 

Be sure to bring a water & towel. 

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